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"The Healthy Heart Network is for those who recognise that Heart Attack is one of the single biggest killers today and you want to know how to lower your personal risk of suffering one." 
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  • Access to Membership Site & Course
  • Private Facebook Group
  • HHN Physical Health Journal
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls
  • Digital Low Carb Healthy Fat Starter Program, Online Sugar Detox Program, Low Carb, Healthy Fat Living eBooks
Billed monthly, cancel anytime AUD Inc GST
  • Basic Membership PLUS
  • Full Prevention Kit Diet & Nutrition Book and BlueTooth Scales
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  • 2 Half Yearly Calls with Doctor Warrick (Valued at $1,000)
  • Nutritionist Consultation (Valued at $50)
  • Scan Rebate (Valued at $150)
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$297 / Per Month (2 Person)
$197 / Per Month (One Person)
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  • Get Instant Access to VIP Member Area delivered weekly in easy to understand modules that require less than an hour of your time.
  • Access the Private Facebook Group
  • Our Heart Attack Prevention Kit including  your personal HHN Journal plus for Premium Members a set of digital bluetooth scales and a 350 Page Diet and Nutrition Book will be dispatched immediately.
  • In Month 2 - Your Scan Rebate AU$150 can be claimed, for couple membership that's 2 x AU$150. (Premium Membership Only)
  • In Month 3 - Start your healthy eating program with the complimentary Nutritionist Consultation valued at $50 (Premium Membership Only) and access the other bonuses below. 
  • Bonus Low Carb Healthy Fat Starter Program valued at $200
  • Online Sugar Detox Program valued at $20
  • Low Carb, Healthy Fat Living eBooks such as recipes and meals plans valued at $50
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