Heart Attacks are Preventable!
with Doctor Warrick Bishop
Best Selling Author and Cardiologist
"The Healthy Heart Network is for those who recognise that Heart Attack is one of the single biggest killers today and you want to know how to lower your personal risk of suffering one." 
What is The "Healthy Heart Network?"
The Healthy Heart Network is where knowledge breeds confidence, myths are dispelled, actual situations are measured and resources are made available for action – action towards better heart health and a longer, healthier life.  

The Healthy Heart Network is also designed to be a mutual-support group.  Initial support will come from the Healthy Heart team, but as our Network grows, so support for each other from within the Network will grow with it. 

Research shows that making effective and lasting change is more successful when you are supported, challenged and held accountable to yourself by your peers throughout the process. 

The Healthy Heart Network is designed as your safe, non-judgemental place where you can be yourself, learn, interact with other members in a similar position and move forward on your journey to improved heart health and reduced risk of heart attack.  
The Network will help you to achieve and understand:
  •  How to live a longer and healthier life with a stronger heart
  •  How you can eat more healthily according to your individual requirements for optimum heart health
  • How to remove all the confusion and discover exactly what are the best heart health practices for them
  •  How you can enjoy the support of like-minded people and assorted experts in heart health 
  •  100% Guaranteed: If The Healthy Heart Network Prermium Membership meet your expectations within the first 30 days you can cancel your monthly membership anytime, no questions asked.

You will also receive these awesome bonuses valued at $494:
  •  Heart Attack Prevention kit including your own personal color journal valued at $50
  •  Bonus Low Carb Healthy Fat Starter Program valued at $200
  •  Online Sugar Detox Program valued at $20
  •  Low Carb, Healthy Fat LivingeBooks such as recipes and meals plans valued at $50
  •  Recommended Tests rebate (per member) of US$125 or equalivent amount in your local currency
  •  Complimentary 15 min One-on-One Personal Consultation with Our Nutritionist valued at $49

Cutting through all the information available and getting to what’s best for your heart health can be a challenge. This network is dedicated to giving members the knowledge that will enable them to take control of their own heart health, supported by others who have chosen to do the same for their own health.
Doctor Warrick Bishop
Best Selling Author and Cardiologist
The Healthy Heart Network will bring together people with a desire to identify the positive steps they can take, rather than leave everything to chance. It’s for those who recognise that heart attack is a killer and want to know how they can lower their personal risk of suffering one.

The Healthy Heart Network isn’t a course; it’s a journey – a journey made in company with others looking for the same information and taking the same steps to look after their heart health. It’s a place where you’ll access up-to-date information based on modern practices and proven strategies. 
Follow Our 5 Easy Steps...
  •  Understand your risk – how much is attributable to your environment and how much is within your control? 
  •  Understanding your heart
  • The Current Approach and why it's not good enough!
  • Learn the benefits of assessment with a Holistic risk evaluation
  • Heart Scans and how they work
  • Analyse the test results to determine your risk of heart attack
Health Plan
  •  Complimentary Diet Assessment
  •  The Best Food Plan for you
  •  Role for Medication
  •  Medication Goals
  •  Medication Problems
  •  Role for Supplements
 Action Plan
  •  Qualify your medication goals – what do you want them to help you achieve?
  •  List actions to help with medication side-effects
  •  Develop your food plan
  •  Develop an exercise assessment and plan
  •  Access nutritious heart-healthy recipes 
My Journey
  • Track your progress on the journey to better heart health and reduced risk of heart attack.
  •  Follow-up on blood tests and possibly repeat imaging to identify changes.
  •  Follow-up weight and exercise assessments; are they effective?
  •  Assess impact on other body systems: e.g. renal, visual, bowl, testes, prostate, bones, brain, skin and lungs etc.
  •  Repeat blood tests at regular intervals to monitor progress.  
  •  Have there been any changes?
Do You Want to Improve Your Heart’s Health and Reduce Your Risk of Suffering a Heart Attack?
The Healthy Heart Network is designed to help members:
  •  understand the present state of their heart’s health
  •  recognise their current level of risk of suffering a heart attack 
  •  learn the positive steps they can take to improve their situation  
The Healthy Heart Network exists because I realised that the current methods of measuring the risk of suffering a heart attack, as used by doctors everywhere, are not as accurate as we need them to be. This group will introduce modern risk assessment techniques and measures to take for reducing risk.

The statistics alone give us pause for thought: 635,000 people in the US suffer a first-time heart attack every year.  For 10% - 15% of these sufferers, that first event is fatal – they die without any prior warning.

The Healthy Heart Network aims to significantly reduce these numbers by educating members with information that can cut their risk of suffering a heart attack.  
Knowledge is power, even if that knowledge might be the realisation that you may have an elevated risk. Once you know, you can take steps to reduce your risk. You can reduce your risk as part of a support network where we’re all striving for the same thing – a healthier heart, and a longer, healthier life.
The Healthy Heart 
Network Success Map 
You can’t beat a healthy heart. That's not just a clever slogan but the reason for your journey. A healthier heart is your destination and achieving it makes you a winner.

Your journey will take you from the valley of the unaware, to the peak of achievement. Along the way, you’ll wander through the foothills of understanding, scramble up the slopes of assessment and planning, leap between the pillars of execution and monitoring, to finally arrive – not even out of breath – at the summit with a healthier heart and a reduced risk of heart attack.

In the valley of the unaware, you find yourself with little or no idea how healthy – or otherwise – your heart is. Nor do you have any knowledge of your current risk of heart attack, or what you can do to reduce your risk. You’re simply leaving everything to chance.

Working your way through the foothills of understanding, together with other Network members, you’ll learn how to find out where your heart health sits at the present, and some measures you can take to improve your situation.

Ascending the slopes of assessment, you’ll accurately review your heart’s current health status, laying down a baseline measurement for comparison, and devise a plan designed to improve your statistics.

Passing between the pillars of execution and monitoring, you’ll put your plan into effect with positive actions, monitoring the results over time against your baseline and target measurements.

Maintaining your commitment, determinedly overcoming any setbacks with support from others in our Network, you will ascend to your desired destination – the peak of achievement – having won for yourself a healthier heart and reduced risk of heart attack. This is an achievement to be celebrated along with your fellow Network members who were supporting you every step of the way.  

What Makes Us Great?
In short – you do: the entire Healthy Heart Network membership!

Every one of you on a path to a healthier heart and all supporting each other on your individual journeys. It’s not simply about looking after yourselves, it’s about caring for others too.

We all win by taking an interest in and supporting other members as they progress to better health. We’re great because we’re there for each other, with words of advice and encouragement when required.

Along the way, we’re there celebrating all the little wins as we each get steadily healthier until we can enjoy a major celebration as each of us achieves our target.  

Complete and Extensive Focus on Eating Healthy
Free Bonuses valued at $319
Get Healthy and Stay Healthy!
One the most essential parts of your membership is free access to our extensive diet and nutrition advice.

Our Qualified Low Carb, Healthy Fat experts provide nutritional advice and products for better health, weight management, gut health, and Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes management.

Our Individual and couple nutrition programs are focused on helping you apply our program for weight loss and a healthy life-style.
  •  Weight Loss: Join our 8 Module Online program will help you to improve your eating, health and weight control valued at $200
  •  Sugar detox education: This will provide members with education on each area of sugar, where it is found, how to correctly read food labels to identify hidden sugars and recommended timeframes to reduce/eliminate the sugar-type from your diet to effectively manage addiction and overconsumption.  Valued at $20
  •  eBook resources and meal plans:          Low Carb, Healthy Fat                   LivingeBooks such as recipes and meals plans are there to help you. These include: Carb Swapping, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners,Salads, Soups,Meal Planning ,Snacks & Treats. Valued at $50
  •  Healthy Heart friendly recipes that you will love and that will help you stay on track.
Real food eating that is Low Carb, Healthy Fat  is a great way to help you lose weight, improve your energy levels, general health and enjoy delicious tasting food.
Limited Bonus...
Complimentary 15 min One-on-One Personal Consultation with Our Nutritionist:
Valued at $49.
* Conditions Apply 
We will even rebate you $125!
As part of your membership program, we will suggest some simple and easy medical tests you should consider.

We are very committed to your health and we will rebate you US$125 towards these tests as our way of saying thank you for being a member!
Limited Bonus...
We will rebate you US$125 (or the equalivent amount in your currency )
to help with the costs of our recommended tests.
Depending on your situation this may cover all or most of your total out of pocket expenses.
* Conditions Apply 
Follow Our 5 Easy Steps...
What's Included in Your VIP Membership:
Welcome Kit
As soon as you join, you’ll get immediate access to Your Membership Area, which is packed with lots of valuable resources. 

We’ll also send you your Healthy Heart Network ‘Prevention Kit’, and it's loaded with many things to help you on your journey to better heart health. 

It includes your own personal Journal and Workbook.
Learning Programme
We provide you with an ongoing, structured learning programme to inform and support you improving your heart health.

It lays out the underpinning principles and the methods by which you’ll work towards reducing your risk of heart attack and enjoying better heart health.

You’ll get access to videos and activities all designed to support you in your efforts to get healthier – regardless of your starting position.
Group Coaching
Twice monthly online presentations with interactive presentations. 

You’ll have the opportunity to raise any topics and issues you’d like covered in these online sessions. You can even put yourself forward to receive direct coaching during a session, enabling the entire group to learn from your experience. 

Every session will be recorded and made available on the website afterwards, so don’t worry of you miss all or part of any particular session. You can listen again at your leisure. 

You don’t have to do individual direct coaching within a session. If you’d rather learn simply by listening to others being coached, that’s fine.  

We’re all here in support of one another.  
Visiting Experts
We’ve planned an interesting programme of visiting experts, covering a wide range of topics directly or indirectly related to heart health and risk of heart attack.
Private Facebook Group
 The Healthy Heart Network dedicated Facebook Group is where members can share their goals, their fears, any difficulties they’re encountering or tips for overcoming difficulties, track their progress and celebrate each other’s successes.

Warrick and the entire Healthy Heart Network team will be there offering ideas, support, challenges and accountability.

Members will be encouraged to raise questions and suggest topics for discussion.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute in support of their fellow members.

The more we all engage, the greater the positive impact we all benefit from. 
Wealth of Resources
Access to a wealth of supporting resources which promote physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Access to the full Healthy Heart Programme Podcasts, Videos, Articles, Activity Books. 

Recordings of presentations and coaching sessions.

Recordings of Visiting Speakers.
In a Nutshell:
Broadly speaking, the Healthy Heart programme facilitates each participant's journey to improved heart health and reduced risk of suffering a heart attack. 

Each week, Network Members are given access to new videos, activities and written resources.  All of these are divided into bite-size chunks making them easy to understand and easy to implement into your busy daily routine.

The themes and topics are echoed in the Network Member's Journal.  
Research has shown that lasting transformation is far more successful when you have help. Having someone to witness your intentions, support you as you go about achieving them, hold you accountable to yourself at each step of the way, remind you why you’re doing this, encourage you through difficult moments, and celebrate successes and milestones with you is incredibly reassuring and motivating.

The tried and tested strategies within the Healthy Heart Network programme work very well, when used consistently. The Healthy Heart Network helps members maintain their focus and achieve their individual goals as they progress through the material.

Members are able to access the ongoing support that belonging to the Network offers. That support includes interactive online sessions, an ongoing discussion forum and access to our ever-expanding repository of information, knowledge and advice resources. 

Belonging to the Network means you’re not alone on your journey. You have a group to support you every step of the way, no matter what difficulties you might experience.

That’s a powerful resource…and it works!  
Warrick's Story
Doctor Warrick Bishop is a practising cardiologist, #1 best-selling author and key-note speaker who is passionate about helping to prevent heart disease on a global scale. 

Warrick graduated from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine, 1988.  He subsequently completed advanced training in cardiology in Hobart, Tasmania, becoming enrolled as a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.
A number of years ago, an amazing and paradigm-shifting coincidence started Warrick on his personal mission to prevent heart attacks rather than try to cure them. 

A commotion drew Warrick over to the side of the road as he was driving to work one day. Wondering if his medical expertise could be of assistance, he approached and tried to get a grasp on the situation. 

During a local fun run, one of the runners suffered a heart attack and collapsed. When he came over to help with the frantic resusciation, Warrick was shocked to discover that he had examined the very same man in his own office just two years earlier and had confidently reassured him that, health-wise, he was completely fine.

Warrick concluded that he had missed an opportunity to make a difference, and it had nearly cost a life! 

Based on the current risk calculation procedures and the best medical practice of the time, the fun-runner shouldn't have been at high risk...but he was! That meant Warrick had reassured a patient based on treadmill testing - the best measurement tool available at the time - that he was fine, only to find himself part of the team resuscitating that same man when he almost dropped dead taking part in a fun run.

This simply wasn’t good enough for Warrick, who repeatedly asked himself “could this risk assessment be done differently and better?” 

It soon became clear to Warrick that the more precise we can be in collating the information we have in regard to a patient’s heart health and real risk of heart attack, the better we can look after that person…and the better they can look after themselves. 

It seems so obvious when put like that, but the tools and opportunity to use them are still relatively new, not generally well understood by the public and certainly not broadly used within the medical community.
635,000 people in the US suffer a first-time heart attack every year. For 10% - 15% of these sufferers, that first event is fatal – they die with no prior warning. No prior warning – when the information that could help prevent it was there if they’d only looked! Or, if they’d only known where to look!

This important question started Warrick on a journey which meant he was open to looking more closely at new and emerging technology to help in being more precise about risk of heart attack.

Building on that quest for knowledge and a desire to make a difference, Warrick has decided to create a program to help people manage their risks better. It's called “The Healthy Heart Network”.  With The Healthy Heart Network, he can now help reduce heart disease as a major killer in the world!
Warrick holds a number of professional certifications and achievements:
  •  First cardiologist in Tasmania with this specialist recognition in CT Cardiac Coronary Angiography
  •  Level B certification, with the Australian Joint Committee for CCTA  
  •  Member of the Society of Cardiac Computed Tomography 
  •  Member of the Australian Atherosclerosis Society 
  •  Participant on the panel of ‘interested parties’ developing a model of care and national registry for familial hypercholesterolaemia  
  •  Accredited examiner for the Royal Australian College of Physicians, regularly involved with teaching medical students and junior doctors
  •  Worked with Hobart’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research on projects in an affiliate capacity 
  •  Recognised by the Medical School of the University of Tasmania with academic status 
  •  Member of the Clinical Issues Committee of the Australian Heart Foundation, providing input to issues of significance for the management of heart patients
In his free time, Warrick enjoys travel and music and he surfs and plays guitar with his children.  

Warrick’s second International #1 Best Seller was written after his experience helping resuscitate a fun-runner who had suffered a heart attack – a man that Warrick had cleared as fit and healthy only two years previously. 

Subsequent research carried out by Warrick led him to the conclusion that current heart testing methods simply weren’t good enough. His patient had presented well, tested well, but had almost died from a heart attack two years later.

Read the story and decide for yourself whether you want to take the steps to Know Your Real Risk Of Heart Attack. Warrick, himself says… 

“As a cardiologist, I have not yet met a patient who expected to have a problem; patients do not put in their diaries ‘possible problem with my heart next week’. Yet, what if we could be forewarned about, or prepared for, a potential problem with our coronary arteries? … What if we could plan NOT to have heart attack?"  

 Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack is the first-of-its-kind, offering a balanced and referenced discussion of coronary risk assessment using modern technology. This book will empower you as an individual to choose how you want to deal with your risk of the single biggest killer in the western world.”   
Your heart health is in your hands. Knowing your risk of suffering a heart attack is too. 

The Healthy Heart Network can help you find the right information for you, then support you in using that information to improve your heart health and reduce your risk of heart attack. None of us are alone – we have access to an entire Network of support and encouragement along our journey. 

Want to Get Started?
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